Neksta is specialized in technical support and solutions for the smart-cards industry. A hands-on consultancy approach with tailored solutions to accommodate any project scale and budget.

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s more important than ever for companies to continuously within a short timeline, propose innovative solutions with cost-effective manufacturing processes.

Neksta brings you the competitive edge, with our functional expertise in Smart-card & RFID products and manufacturing processes. We have the flexibility, proficiency and holistic approach to quickly bring together your project to the next level.

Headquartered in Europe, Neksta works through a worldwide network of experts with proven capabilities and field experience.For every project, we bring together a team with just the right skills and experiences.

What makes us different


We have an extensive experience in the smart-card and RFID industry.


A global network of multi-skilled professionals and partners.


We carefully assess each need and provide a realistic, actionable and achievable road-map tailored to each objectives.


We have an honest and straightforward approach. What we commit, we deliver.


We dare to be different. We approach every challenge with a fresh eye enabling us to propose new and creative solutions.


We have the will and ability to adapt quickly to each situation.

We are ready for the next challenge 

Our expertise and flexibility enables us to deliver an end to end capability.