September 22, 2021


Access the right Expertise when You need it 

Manufacturing & Technical support

  • Inlay line process support  : wire embedding (WE), coil winding (CW)
  • e-Pass & e-cover line support : teslin / paper inlay,  textile/ paper cover
  • Lamination process support :  recipe, cycle improvement, training
  • Production yield analysis and improvement
  • Copper wire embedding process
  • Technical equipment & material sourcing
  • Tender specification support : eGov, eID
  • EMV dual interface support : antenna tuning, module embedding process
  • and more


  • Software development
  • Pre-perso & personalization solutions
  • Integration of a software platform for any complex test or extended chip encoding sequences
  • Design and implementation of customized chip encoding tasks
  • Design of customized production test platform for any sheet type format and transponder.
  • Advising on security and product certifications (Common Criteria EAL4+/EAL5, EMVCo )
  • Tender breakdown incl. gap-analyses and generation of internal specification and To-do lists
  • and more

Product research & development

  • Product/ process research and development
  • Technical product design support for : Dual interface, contacless, eID, ePass, small form factors
  • Antenna tuning design and optimization : RF, Q factor , Hmin, LMA
  • Polycarbonate product and process expertise
  • Inlay and card structure optimization : reduce the overlays usage for example
  • Integration of security feature for eID and eGOV products: see through window, e-datapage Hinge solution
  • Failure analysis and improvement
  • and more


Our expertise combined with our global network professionals enables us to offer turnkey solutions for complete in-house inlay line design and implementation. We can provide you with  a full service assessment solution , as for example :

  • Wire embedding inlay line
    Design and implementation of an inlay line with wire embedding technology for dual interface, contactless (HF, LF), for different structure type : PC, PVC, Petg, Teslin, Paper.
  • E-cover gluing line
    Design and implementation of  passport e-cover gluing process , for paper/ Teslin inlay and Textile/ Paper cover.
  • Dual interface EMV line :
    Antenna tuning and card design to meet the certifications requirements ( EMVco, ISO/IEC), electrical and mechanical compliance.
  • Integration of Multi-component cards
    Support in fine tuning and integration of special and complex products within the standard manufacturing equipment line ( Fingerprint, active cards, and more)
  • R&D
    Support in R&D to integrate new products, materials, equipment, processes and solutions